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Cosplay update!! I’ve finished gluing together the elements of the skirt. I’m really happy with the varied looks of the skulls (which was totally on purpose and not a testament to my inability to use power tools). The paldrons I had a friend help me make out of worbla. For the rivets on the armor i have been cutting and hot gluing those little jerks into shape from a foam bedroll from the dollar store. Work has just begun on the battle axe!! here’s hoping it all comes together in the last few weeks!

Astrid update! I’m finishing up the ‘metal’ details on the skirt. I dry brushed black paint onto the silver skulls to hopefully recreate a pitted metal look. To make the spikes I glued together foam cones and cut small discs out of the thicker foam for the base. I’m currently working on the same dry brush technique to get the cool metal look for the spikes.
…and yes I know they all look like Hershey’s kisses. Now I really want chocolate :/

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