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Getting the ball *pun* rolling on my Astrid cosplay. I found some faux suede perfect for part of the skirt and used foam for the base of the shape. I then carved the skulls out of styrofoam balls which was a hilarious process. The carnage looked like it had snowed inside and I believe I’ve inhaled an unhealthy amount of styrofoam. All I need now is to get the silver paint which for some reason is the only colour we don’t have at home :S


HAPPY CANADA DAY! For Canada Day, read this short Superhero Girl comic I made last year for the True Patriot anthology! It was based on a true experience I had when someone asked me “what makes Superhero Girl a Canadian superhero?” and I was like uhhhhh?

The League of Villainous Canadian Stereotypes was my boyfriend Tim’s idea. He is a great idea man! 

Enjoy my Canadian comic and have a great Canada Day! I am celebrating by working a lot. ;)

I lost it at Farley Mowat oh my gosh!

At least I’m still digging…

Well we’ve plum run out of archaeology to do for the summer so I’ve found myself without a day job. “Why haven’t you been blogging” you may ask. Well now that I’m home I get to be the caretaker of my mothers 176538394846+ gardens on the property. Also I may be a bit of a lazy butt when it comes to this thing. Luckily I still have my job at the drive-in so I can at least afford my student loans payments… So I’ve got that going for me. Expect some fun cosplay updates in the future as soon as I get my materials. Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend :D

Update on Majora’s mask! I’ve finally bought and mixed the correct paint colours and I’m currently attempting a final paint job. I’m not a very experienced painter (in regards to art, walls I can do, but art…) luckily my mom and little sister can art well so they’ve been helping me with blending colours on the eyes and horns. I’m on a roll today and I may post a completed mask picture this evening :D

Here’s an update on my Majora’s Mask project. Over several days I have painted on about 4 thin coats of Gesso and sanded each layer smooth. Once I was happy with the basic shape I drew on the design. The next step was to cut out the corners if the eyes so the wearer can see(ish) as well as drill some air holes. I used air dry clay to mould the raised designs (this cracked everywhere so I covered it in a layer of glue and a layer of gesso). I’m now working on the base coat of paint which is why the colours are way off and it currently looks like crap.

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